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DIA Volunteer

Volunteer Award Winner:
Marlene Gray

Volunteer to Volunteer - December 2010


Marlene Gray, a Staff Aide and Gallery Service volunteer, is the December Volunteer-to-Volunteer awardee.

 Marlene began volunteering at the DIA in 2007, following her graduation from the University of Michigan with a degree in fine arts. Marlene’s graduation present from her parents was a trip to Italy, where she explored the many museums and delighted in viewing the originals of many works she had studied. Part of her trip was spent doing an archaeological dig, which gave her a different perspective into the discovery of works of antiquity.

 Currently, Marlene works in conservation at The Henry Ford in Dearborn. At the DIA, she shares these skills as a Staff Aide in the conservation department. These experiences, combined with her role as a Gallery Service volunteer, are building a foundation for her future in art conservation.

 Next year, Marlene plans to pursue her studies in art conservation in either Buffalo, Delaware, or New York City. Whichever school she attends, Marlene will bring enthusiasm and talent, and be a great asset to the program.

 Congratulations, Marlene.

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