Farnsworth Side of Building: Turn right off of the elevators on floor 2 or before Café DIA on floor 1

Loggia: In the entry doorway before Prentis Court

Woodward: Down the Great Hall and through Rivera Court, turn a left and continue through the Gallery. Restrooms are in the next room

  • DIA Parking Lot on John R between Kirby and Farnsworth St. ($7.00)
  • Street parking at the meters
  • Wayne State University Rackham Lot at Warren and John R
  • WSU McCabee's at Putnam & Cass
  • The Park Shelton Parking structure on Woodward and Kirby

Yes. Meters are run by the City of Detroit, not the DIA. Parking tickets are $45, so parking in the museum lot is recommended.

  • Kresge Court or CafeDIA
  • The Park Shelton at Kirby and Woodward has a number of dining options, including Chartreuse, Wasabi, and Detroit Pizza Kitchen.
  • The Information Desk in the Farnsworth lobby is a great place to start; our helpful volunteer will be happy to make recommendations based on your interests. 
  • Start on the third floor and work your way down. The third floor is a partial floor and smaller than the rest, and sometimes is missed because there is so much to see on the first two.

Valet parking is not available at this time.

  • Discounts in the Café, Gift Shop, and Detroit Film Theatre
  • Members never pay convenience fees on ticket reservations
  • Complimentary exhibition tickets
  • Bring friends from outside the tri-county
  • Free audio tour
  • Supporting the DIA!
  • There are complimentary coat checks at the Farnsworth and Woodward entrances.
  • You should pick up your coat at the entrance you left your items at. We cannot transfer belongings from one coat check to another.
  • It differs for everyone. The DIA consists of 2 ½ floors and is an entire city block long, with 6,000 works of art on display. We recommend starting with what you like most, then come back often. We change the artworks regularly, and almost always have a temporary exhibition. 
  • Drop-In Workshops
  • Drawing in the galleries
  • Youth version of the audio guide
  • Detroit Institute of Awesome - every weekend, we offer a wide range of activities for kids and their grown-ups.

No, the staff of the Detroit Institute of Arts cannot provide appraisals of works of art. Please visit the following websites for referrals to appropriate resources. In providing this list, the DIA in no way makes any kind of recommendation or endorsement of the companies listed.

The Appraisers Association of America



DuMouchelle's (Detroit-area auction house)

American Society of Appraisers

International Society of Appraisers