DFT @ HOME is a virtual screening room that presents new Detroit Film Theatre selections every week, all week, at your convenience. In addition to providing access to the best new international feature films and documentaries as they become available, the DIA will receive revenue from every ticket sold, helping to assure that when the current crisis is over, the DFT’s beloved 1927 auditorium will be ready to greet you again. 

New this week 

The Wild Goose Lake (China/France/2019—directed by Diao Yinan) 

The Wild Goose Lake is a visually splendid crime drama set in the densely populated streets of pre-coronavirus Wuhan, China. This stylized thriller follows the attempts of a small-time mob boss Zhou Zenong (Hu Ge) to manage the organizational problem of a bounty on his head. Director Diao Yinan (Black Coal) manages to conjure at once a romance between Zhou and a mysterious woman, a landscape overflowing with eroticism and intangible danger and a stark portrait of socioeconomic upheaval in contemporary China. 

"One of the best movies at the Toronto Film Festival… A spellbinding pulp noir with a stylish edge.”  - Rolling Stone 

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The Woman Who Loves Giraffes (Canada/2019—directed by Alison Reid) 

In 1956, 23-year-old biologist Anne Innis Dagg made an unprecedented solo journey to South Africa to study giraffes in the wild. In The Woman Who Loves Giraffes, Anne, now 86, retraces her steps, and with stunning, preserved 16mm film footage, offers an intimate self-portrait of herself as a young woman and world’s first ‘giraffologist’.  

“When we see this remarkable woman return to the scene of her pioneering research, it’s clear she’s finally back where she belongs.” -The New York Times 

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What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael (USA/2019—directed by Rob Garver) 

In a field that historically embraced few women film critics, Pauline Kael (1919-2001) was not only controversial, witty and fiercely discerning, she was, as Roger Ebert wrote, “The most powerful, loved, and hated film critic of her time.”  

Arguably the greatest film critic who ever lived. You got addicted to her freedom of thought, and the film does a fantastic job of channeling it.” -Variety 

Watch What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael here > 

Best of Catvideofest: Creature Comforts Edition 

This special CatVideoFest program is 45 minutes of pure, spirit-lifting pleasure for the family. Since it’ll be presented on home screens across metro Detroit, that includes feline members who can now experience this visual catnip with you. Ready to pounce?  

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Sorry We Missed You (UK/2019—directed by Ken Loach) 

Sorry We Missed You is a relevant and deeply humane drama about the way today’s gig economy shapes the lives of a British package deliveryman and his family. Nominated for Best Film at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and 2020 BAFTA Awards. 

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