At home with a young child? Our friends at the New York Children’s International Film Festival (NYCIFF), whose collection of short films have been a regular part of DFT’s Family Series, hope you will be inspired to tap into your little one’s creative energies by Preschool Poets a collection of poems written and performed by preschoolers combined with the work of professional animators featured in the NYCIFF 2019 festival.

Watch one or two (DIA Family Programs Coordinator Emily Bowyer and her preschooler say their favorites are Me by Ja’Lantea and Supergirl, by Penny and ask your child to get creative themselves, by writing their own poems. Check out PreSchool Poets here >

Our partners at NYCIFF suggest having your child write a three-line poem about something or someone they care about. Make three drawings, one for each line of the poem. You could also show your child an image (perhaps an image from the DIA’s collection) and ask them to write a poem based on what they see.

Long Takes

NYCIFF suggests more wordplay in honor of National Poetry Month. Older children will appreciate what Roald Dahl’s done to classic nursery rhymes. In Revolting Rhymes (ages 8+) by Jakob Schuh and Jan Lachauer, NYICFF 2017, Dahl reimagined six classic fairy tales with his characteristically sardonic wit, including Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and the Three Little Pigs. Available on Amazon Prime, $1.99. View the trailer here >

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