The DIA’s Lake Orion Partners in Public Art (PIPA) project is officially taking shape! This mural is a partnership between the Village of Lake Orion, their Downtown Development Authority, Orion Art Center, and J.S. Capitol Group. DIA studio staff Ani Garabedian and Stephanie Sucaet-Felczak have begun painting artist Nicole MacDonald’s design for an enormous, colorful dragon’s head on the side of a building in the Village of Lake Orion, to reflect the community’s love for its official mascot and its role as the host of the annual Dragon on the Lake Festival.

Weather permitting the goal is to complete the mural by December 2020. It is located on the upper portion of the north exterior wall of an apartment building in downtown Lake Orion at 120 South Broadway Street.

PIPA works with communities to co-create community-driven, highly visible public works of art. The purpose of the program is to help people explore, express, and build a stronger sense of community through a communal art experience.

Each project begins with residents and business owners in the particular community taking a part in a survey to assess interest and preferences for a public art project. The results of the survey are then incorporated into the final design for the project.

The PIPA program is funded as a part of the tri-county millage.

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