Few movie experiences can be as stirring or memorable as a great documentary, and those who might have a little extra time these days will be glad to discover that there’s a superb collection of ten individual non-fiction films and series available on the YouTube platform. The films were produced by Netflix, but those who don’t have a paid subscription to that streaming service will be able to benefit from a new Netflix educational outreach program, allowing you to watch this series of important documentaries on YouTube at no charge. 

Included is the visually spectacular “Our Planet” series, featuring a never-before-filmed glimpse at Earth’s remaining wilderness areas and their animal inhabitants. Filmed in 50 countries across every continent, this breathtaking, this breathtaking, one-of-a-kind series, narrated by David Attenborough, is the kind of experience that can provide a welcome vacation from that armchair that so many of us are beginning to wear out. 

Also included is Director Ava Duvernay’s powerful, award-winning 2016 documentary, “13TH,” a gripping study of the lasting impact of the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution, and its influence on racial inequalities in America. Winner of the Emmy® for Best Documentary Feature and nominated for an Academy Award®, “13TH” is a pointed, stirring and often overwhelming experience – a thought-provoking new take on the challenges of America’s criminal justice system. 

Available as well are a couple of bracing, Oscar® winning short documentaries. “The White Helmets” (2017) is the story of volunteer rescue workers in Syria and Turkey amid the chaos of war in 2016; the crowd-pleasing and surprisingly uplifting “Period. End of Sentence.” (2018) is an unforgettable portrait of women in a rural village in India whose solution to obtaining a particular, largely unavailable product leads to an empowering and exhilarating conclusion. 

Specially selected for classroom use by teachers and students, these Netflix documentaries can provide rich experiences for all ages. They’re currently available free of charge through a playlist on YouTube. Click here to view the playlist of films >

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