Artist Ottavio Leoni, Italian, 1578-1630
  • Susanna and the Elders
Date ca. 1620
Medium oil on copper
Dimensions Unframed: 18 1/16 × 14 3/16 inches (45.9 × 36 cm)
Framed: 13 3/4 × 18 × 2 inches (34.9 × 45.7 × 5.1 cm)
Credit Line Founders Society Purchase, William H. Murphy Fund
Accession Number 41.89
Department European Painting
Not On View
Signed Signed, on rock, lower left: Ottavio L[i or e]on fe[cit]
collection of Winthrop Astor Chanler (Newport, Rhode Island, USA);
(A. F. Mondschein, New York, New York, USA);
1941-present, purchase by the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
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