Bring object-based learning into your physical or virtual classroom!

DIA Delivered K-12 is a program for K-12 teachers and students that brings toolboxes filled with a variety of items to your classroom, providing students with opportunities for close-looking and exploration. Designed to create a window into the DIA’s world-renown collection from afar, each toolbox offers a variety of curriculum-based activities, connecting your students to some of our favorite works of art!

Each toolbox includes:

  • Lesson plans and graphic organizers 
  • Touchable objects and materials 
  • Glossary 
  • Student books 
  • PowerPoint slides  
  • Full-color photographs of related DIA artworks 
  • A flash drive with digital files of lessons and activities – yours to keep! 

Why borrow a toolbox? 

  • Enrich your lessons by creating a sense of wonder and curiosity 
  • Develop students’ observational and critical thinking skills 
  • Teach social studies, science, math, and ELA through an artistic lens 
  • Challenge students to make cross-curricular connections 
  • Broaden student’s worldview through exposure to art in cultures near and far, past and present 
  • Provide opportunities for students to be creative and make art  
  • Enhance what you are already doing in the classroom with standards-aligned activities 

East Asian Art: Investigating Materials and Formats (2-5) Learn more >

East Asian Art: Material World (6-8) Learn more >

East Asian Art: Cultural Exchange (9-12) Learn more >

American Art: Colonial Social Structure and American Persona (5-8) Learn More >


Several more toolboxes are currently in development, covering topics in the following collections: African, African American, American, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Middle East, and Native American. Please check back in Fall 2021 to view our updated offerings!

According to the Canadian Conservation Institute, an isolation and airing out period of 9 days is sufficient to naturally eliminate any traces of the coronavirus. When each kit is returned to the DIA, a staff member cleans the inside and outside of the toolbox, places its contents on a table, and allows them to remain in isolation for 5 days. 


How do I borrow a toolbox? 

To reserve your toolbox, complete the form below. We will respond within 2-3 business days. Please reserve your kit at least 4 weeks prior to the date you would like to borrow a kit. This will allow us enough time to process your request. 

All toolboxes ship to your school free of charge!




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This program has been generously funded by the Freeman Foundation.  This program also receives substantial funding from the Ford Motor Company Fund. 

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