Courageous Conversations: America

Updated May 30, 2017

These video modules, created by the Detroit Institute of Arts, feature Metro Detroit high school students from diverse backgrounds. The videos are designed to support educators in facilitating conversations about such potentially challenging topics as identity and race in their classrooms. The modules can be used as a pre- or post-visit resource or independently of a visit to the museum. Along with the links below for each video module, there are discussion prompts that may be helpful for guiding conversations with students. Educators can modify and use these flexible and open-ended prompts in many different ways to inspire thinking and discussion among students.

Discussion Prompts

The artist of this work, Glenn Ligon, says, “How is it that America can be this dark star, death star and also, at the same time, this incredible shining light?” What do you think about what Ligon says?

Resource Type: Multimedia Resources