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ancient sculptures

Past Objects, Present Culture

Using the five themes of geography to guide their inquiry, students will explore objects from ancient civilizations to understand how human culture has evolved and how those advances affect our lives today.

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Native American headdress

Identity in the World: Looking at the Bigger Picture

Using this graphic organizer, students investigate how art can build an understanding of individual, group and world identity.

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Portrait painting

Individual Identity: Using Details as Clues

Help students capture descriptive details in their writing to make their thinking visible and find identities in art at the DIA.

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Romare Bearden mosaic

Building a Sense of Community

How can communities of the past help students understand their own? This graphic organizer is designed to help students draw connections between their own communities and the many different ones on view at the DIA.

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Photo of cases at DIA

Visual Literacy Using the Standards

Using essential questions from the new visual arts standards, this graphic organizer supports students as they explore the galleries and discover the standards in action.

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