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"Election Day 1844," 1913. Edward Lamson Henry, American, 1841-1919. Oil on canvas. Manoogian collection

American Spectacle: Paintings from the Manoogian Collection

Students will analyze American art from historical, geographic, and economic perspectives to propose solutions to a current, local challenge.
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Stone carving

Knight at the Museum

Through classroom and museum experiences students will deepen their understanding of the writing process, specifically in the areas of symbolism, descriptive writing and character development within the genre of fantasy.

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James Bowdoin, 1746–47 Oil on Canvas Joseph Badger American, 1708–65 Founders Society Purchase, Gibbs-Williams Fund, DIA NO. 58.354

Picturing Identity: Exploring Portraiture at the DIA

Through exploration of portraiture and self-portraiture across time and cultures in the DIA’s collection, students will understand how artists use pose, symbolism, clothing, facial expression, objects and other details t...

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ancient sculptures

Past Objects, Present Culture

Using the five themes of geography to guide their inquiry, students will explore objects from ancient civilizations to understand how human culture has evolved and how those advances affect our lives today.

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