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2017 Ofrendas exhibition

Día de Muertos and Personal Connections | Ofrendas Lesson 3

Students will understand the meaning of the Day of the Dead and making personal connections to what they have learned. 
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Examples of Ofrendas from 2017

The Act of Remembering | Ofrendas Lesson 1

In this lesson, students will explore, observe, analyze, interpret and respond to various Día de Muertos ofrendas, as well as other original and authentic sources.
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Young person sitting on the floor in front of Frederic Church's Cotopaxi

Social-Emotional Learning and Art – Scavenger Hunt

Students use this self-guided scavenger hunt to connect emotions to pieces of art in the DIA collection.
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Two patrons on a bench, looking at a cloud like painting

Mindfulness and Art

Using this self-guided activity, visitors connect principles of mindfulness and art in the DIA collection.
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James Bowdoin, 1746–47 Oil on Canvas Joseph Badger American, 1708–65 Founders Society Purchase, Gibbs-Williams Fund, DIA NO. 58.354

Picturing Identity: Exploring Portraiture at the DIA

Through exploration of portraiture and self-portraiture across time and cultures in the DIA’s collection, students will understand how artists use pose, symbolism, clothing, facial expression, objects and other details t...

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