Alloy Orchestra Presents: Gallery of Monsters

In their many visits to the DFT, Boston’s acclaimed Alloy Orchestra has astonished audiences with their brilliant, original scores for classic silent films, including Metropolis, Nosferatu, The Man With the Movie Camera and many more. For this visit, the Alloy are bringing a real discovery: a newly restored, long-forgotten 1924 masterwork by France’s Marcel L’Herbier and Jaque Catelain.

Gallery of Monsters (La Gallerie des Monstres) begins as the melodramatic tale of a young small-town woman whose father forbids her marriage to the man she loves. In revolt, the couple flee and join a circus – and soon the tensions, fury and passions between men and beasts crystalize in surreal and startling imagery that brings the movie’s title to life, doubly enhanced by the film’s sparkling restoration and Alloy’s dynamic score, performed at the DFT just one day after its world premiere screening. Get tickets now for one of the most memorable film and music events of the year! (approx. 75 min.)

“The Alloy Orchestra are the best in the world at accompanying silent films.” -Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times



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