Blue Island

(Hong Kong/Japan/Taiwan/2022—directed by Chan Tze Woon) 

“An elegiac corollary to the fiery documentaries that captured Hong Kong's recent protest movement, Chan Tze Woon's Blue Island looks at the state of the region in the wake of the 2020 national security law, an era where many pro-democracy protesters have either fled into exile or are sitting in custody. Explicitly hybrid in its approach, the film not only blurs narrative and documentary, but also the years of 2019 to 2021 with a longer history of Hong Kong as a site of refuge. T

he film incorporates staged sequences in which the young protest leaders of today―many of whom are awaiting sentencing for speaking out―are daringly cast in the roles of student leaders from 1989 and earlier. Timely and resonant, Blue Island grapples honestly with the fact that Hong Kong as we once knew it is no more.” –Jesse Cumming, HotDocs Festival, Toronto.

In Yue Chinese (Cantonese), English and Mandarin with English subtitles. (97 minutes)

“Political bravery and aesthetic daring... Urgent, remarkable, genre-defying.” –Museum of Modern Art