British Arrows 2017

Forty years ago, the British advertising industry began to formally recognize the unique creativity that has long distinguished television ads in the UK. The brilliant, surprising “adverts” of British TV are only getting better, and are annually recognized with awards now called the British Arrows (formerly the British Television Advertising Awards). The dazzling storytelling that’s possible in films of only a minute or two provides delight and endless surprise – just look at the popularity of the DIA’s annual Oscar® nominated shorts program – yet the inventiveness of these British commercials, many of which ingeniously withhold their purpose until the very end, provides a playful, uniquely satisfying kick. A cult phenomenon for years at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis – where more than 20,000 attend annually – the return of the British Arrows to the DFT is one more cause for celebration over the holidays. (approximately 80 minutes)

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