(Netherlands/2018—directed by Heddy Honigmann) 

In this poignant portrait of the relationship between dogs and humans, renowned Dutch documentarian Heddy Honigmann explores the extraordinary bond between service dogs and their owners (and no, we don’t mean just the ubiquitous “emotional support dog”). These pooches do amazing things: they open and close drawers, turn their mistress over in bed, operate syringes, soothe PTSD afflicted veterans as well as severely autistic children.

Honigmann interviews the owners respectfully – with genuine concern rooted in a deep trust — about what the animals mean to them. With reserves of warmth and humor, Buddy is an ode to the courage of all the main characters, and a loving portrait of the deep connection between human and canine. In Dutch with English subtitles. (86 min.) 

“Critic’s Pick! Warm, observant, philosophical and deeply curious about the inner lives of people and their four-legged assistants.”  -Wesley Morris, The New York Times 



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