The Chambermaid

(Mexico/2019—directed by Lila Avilés) 

With her feature film debut, theater director Lila Avilés turns the monotonous workday of Eve (Gabriela Cartol), a chambermaid at a high-end Mexico City hotel, into a marvelously observed film of rich, indelible detail.

Set entirely in this enclosed environment, with extended moments taking place in guest rooms, hallways, and hidden-from-the-public service areas, this seemingly simple yet emotionally sumptuous movie brings to the fore Eve’s hopes, dreams and desires – thanks in no small measure to the delicately towering performance of Gabriela Cartol.

With sensitivity, tenderness and deadpan wit, The Chambermaid recognizes and celebrates the women who are the hard-working backbone of every society. Ariel Award (Mexico’s Oscar®) for Best First Feature Film. In Spanish with English subtitles. (102 min.) 


“Critic’s Pick! Sublime and quietly stunning… almost miraculous. After you’ve seen it, the world looks different.” -A.O. Scott, The New York Times 



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