D-Cyphered: Portraits by Jenny Risher

D-Cyphered: Portraits by Jenny Risher will take viewers on a photographic timeline that makes up the story of the Detroit hip-hop scene. Often overlooked by the movements in New York and Los Angeles, Detroit’s hip-hop history is deeply shaped by the various elements of Motown and Detroit techno. Since the emergence of Eminem and his movie 8 Mile, and the recognition of the genius of the late J. Dilla, Detroit has seen a deep underground scene emerge and gain national recognition. Through this exhibition the rich history that makes Detroit hip-hop a one-of-a kind genre will be explored.

The exhibition consists of approximately 75 photographs made from 2015 through 2017. Detroit native and photographer Jenny Risher collaborated with musical artists, producers, and DJ’s to create a portrait series telling the influences and legacy of Detroit’s legendary hip-hop scene.

This exhibition is free with general museum admission. General museum admission is free for residents of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.

This exhibition is organized by the Detroit Institute of Arts.  Generous support has been provided by Founders Junior Council of the DIA and the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan.

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