Detroit '67 Wiki-Edit-A-Thon

During this edit-a-thon, participants will provide additional and concurrent information on the 1967 Detroit rebellion Wikipedia Page, as well as create new pages connected to the historical event in an effort to add diverse perspectives and counter-narratives through this encyclopedic tool. Those with no experience will have the opportunity to learn how to edit and properly cite sources on Wikipedia. Participants will choose which pages to edit according to their interest and area of expertise.

Wikipedia, although not a formal source of encyclopedic information, has become one of the leading tools for communicating information to the public. The site allows for a dialogic account of histories that incorporate many perspectives and levels of expertise, creating a democratic and collective method of learning. 

Facilitate/Train: If you are an experienced Wikipedia editor and would like to serve as a facilitator by training others during the session, please email You will receive complimentary registration to the event.