DFT @ Home | Sweet Thing

(USA/2020—directed by Alexandre Rockwell)

Billie (Lana Rockwell) is a 15-year-old girl whose hopeful fantasies center on Billie Holiday as a sort of fairy godmother; she clings tightly to her dreams while filling the real-life role of being a mom to her 11-year-old brother, Nico (Nico Rockwell), since their distracted real mother (Karyn Parsons) is laser-focused on her lunatic boyfriend rather than husband Adam (Will Patton).

When the kids meet up with an adolescent runaway, Malik (Jabari Watkins), they hit the road together, discovering freedom and enchantment as they roam the railway tracks and boats of New Bedford, Massachusetts during one transformative summer, free from their parents’ watchful eye. This intense, charming, poetic and ultimately uplifting rendering of childhood – a richly independent movie in every sense – captures the essence of that time in life when a day can last forever; when the friendships, loyalties, and challenges of adolescence weave together to form a tale of triumph, hope, and childhood resilience.

This simple story about the miracle of growing up – crafted by the now-65-year-old indie pioneer Alexandre Rockwell (In the Soup) – is one that adults would be wise to remember and to embrace. Tribeca Film Festival Official Selection, Special Award, 2020 Berlin Film Festival. (91 minutes)

“One of the most powerful new films I’ve seen in years.”  – Quentin Tarantino

“A shimmering, glittering drama. Writer-director Alexandre Rockwell intentionally reminds his audience of the rich history of American independent cinema, where filmmakers across decades have built dreamscapes out of the textures of everyday interactions.”  –Teo Bugbee, The New York Times



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