DFT @ Home | Through the Night

(USA/2020—directed by Loira Limbal)

Through the Night is an intimate documentary portrait of working mothers whose lives intersect at Dee’s Tots Childcare – a 24-hour daycare center in New Rochelle, NY. Including: a mother working the overnight shift as an essential worker at a hospital; another holding down three jobs to provide basic support to her family; and a woman who for over two decades has cared for the children of parents with nowhere else to turn.

A compelling portrait of titanic strength, love and selflessness, Through the Night showcases the multiplicity of “women’s work” – paid, underpaid, unpaid; emotional and physical; domestic and career-oriented – all while negotiating the terms of a dignified existence amid the minefields of racism and sexism. This eloquent, essential look at unsung heroes in service to their community was directed by Loira Limbal, a Sundance Institute Fellow and Ford Foundation Justfilms/Rockwood Fellow. Viewfinders Competition Special Jury Recognition for 2020. Closed captions available. (75 minutes)

“NYT Critic’s Pick! A lean and powerful documentary that bears witness to the struggles of working people, to their tenderness and mercy.”  -Teo Bugbee, The New York Times

“An up-close look at just what it takes – relentless hard work and unwavering love.” -Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter



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