The Divine Order

(Switzerland/2017—directed by Petra Volpe)

It’s 1971 in Switzerland. Dutiful housewife Nora (a knockout performance by Marie Leuenberger) is “forbidden” by her husband to take a part-time job. As her frustration grows, Nora begins to resist the rules of her male-dominated society, eventually finding herself at the forefront of her town’s suffragette movement. Yes, you read that correctly; despite its image as a modern nation, not to mention the worldwide social upheavals of the previous decade, Switzerland’s female citizens were still denied the right to vote in 1971. Nora’s newfound celebrity brings threats and marital turmoil, but by not backing down she convinces the women in her village to consider going on strike – and in doing so, makes some startling discoveries about the meaning of liberation. Timely, funny and moving, The Divine Order is Switzerland’s official Oscar® submission for this year, and won the Audience Awards at the Tribeca and Traverse City Film Festivals. In Swiss, German and English with subtitles. (96 min.)

“Inspired and inspiring. It’s needed now more than ever.” -Amy Taubin, Film Comment

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