FMCA presents lecture by Kenny Schachter

"Dead on arrival. Or not? The present state of crypto and the future prospects for NFTs"

Not only has the weather this summer been scorching, to a record extent; but also, the crypto and NFT markets have experienced a commensurate meltdown. The naysayers are wagging their collective fingers and gleefully retorting in response to the recent barrage of NFT hype in a chorus of “We told you so!” But, to paraphrase Mark Twain: the death of NFTs is greatly exaggerated. Why the nascent market for digital art will outlive the current decline and rebound in rude health, sooner than you think.  

Kenny Schachter has been curating contemporary art shows in museums and galleries while teaching art history and economics for more than thirty years between Switzerland and the United States. Schachter has a column on and contributes to various international publications, including the New York Magazine and The Times Magazine (UK).

After making digital art for decades, Schachter has spearheaded the traditional art world’s adaptation of Non Fungible Tokens in 2020-1 by lecturing at Harvard Law School, Art Institute of Chicago, Yale and the Hirschhorn Museum and writing a series of feature articles on the subject. In 2021, he curated wide-ranging NFTism exhibitions (a term he trademarked) at Nagel Draxler in Cologne, Institut in London. An interview with Arturo Galinsino, director of Florence’s Palazzo Strozzi Museum and Schachter was published in a book on the occasion of the exhibit Let’s Get Digital in 2022.

Schachter had a retrospective of his art at Joel Mesler’s Rental Gallery in New York in the summer of 2018, curated a show at Simon Lee Gallery in London (Fall 2018) and a solo show at Kantor Gallery in LA (Feb. 2019). He recently had a show with Eva Beresin at Galerie Charim in Vienna (May 2021) and participated in Art Basel 2021/22  on multiple occasions with Nagel Draxler Gallery. In addition, Schachter inaugurated the first one-person exhibit in Nagel Draxler’s Crypto Kiosk Gallery in Berlin between January - March 2022. He is the subject of a documentary under the production and direction of Chris Smith (Tiger King/Fyre Festival) and a Hulu/ABC NFT film. Schachter lives in New York.


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