Friday Night Live! Sonya Belaya: Songs and Stories My Mother Taught Me

Songs and Stories My Mother Taught Me is a curated event by Patricia Wheeler (The Moth StorySLAM Ann Arbor and Detroit, Moth Radio Hour) and Sonya Belaya. The concert will pair live story-telling by Detroit-native storytellers (Patricia Wheeler, Satori Shakoor, Dameon Wilburn and Shannon Cason) with an indie-chamber song cycle entitled Songs My Mother Taught Me, composed by Sonya Belaya.

The song cycle combines through-composed and improvised elements to tell the personal story of Sonya’s mother’s disappearance. Touching on themes of loss, motherhood, and creative identity, the performance serves as a vulnerable exploration for healing and self-understanding.

The event is presented as two acts with an intermission in between (7 pm and 8:30 pm). Audience members are encouraged to stay for both sets to experience the full performance.


  • Patricia Wheeler, Satori Shakoor, Dameon Wilburn, Shannon Cason - storytellers
  • Sonya Belaya - piano/vocals
  • Nick Dunston - bass
  • Stephen Boegehold - drums
  • Dylan Greene - vibraphone
  • Zosha Warpeha - violin
  • Wesley Hornpetrie - cello
  • Kalia Vandever - trombone
  • Davy Lazar - trumpet



Friday Night Live! is generously supported by the DTE Energy Foundation and your tri-county millage investment in the DIA.

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