Friends of Art & Flowers 21st Elizabeth Sites Kuhlman Lecture

Floral craftsmanship by Gregor Lersch. Incorporating a variety of techniques, Gregor will create six designs ranging from several feet in size to tabletop. A live question and answer session will follow his demonstrations. 

Lecturer: Gregor Lersch

Gregor Lersch, floral artist, author and teacher is often referred to as “The Master” of all Master Florists. He is one of the few designers looked to internationally for bringing new trends and design evolution to the global floral industry. His concept of combining all styles of floral design with a sense of place and the personality of the artist in floristic expression is recognized throughout the world as unique.

Gregor has traveled the world teaching and sharing the beauty of skilled floral artistry in over 32 countries. He has been awarded 7 high-profile Gold Medals, 30 additional Gold Medals and 22 Silver Medals. He speaks 6 languages fluently and is the author of more than 30 floral design books.