Gems: The World’s Wisdom Stories

For nearly 3 decades, Doug Berky has brought classic solo physical theater performances to stages all over the world, transcending age, race, and culture. Using the illusion of the mime, the antics of the clown, the transformation of his own handmade, original, and exquisite masks, the suspense of a good story, and the excitement of improv, Doug inspires both laughter and reflection.

In Gems, Doug Berky presents stories from around the world by weaving together many art forms into a full stage, large mask theater production with clever and creative costuming. Masks, puppets, mime, drama, comedy, music, and storytelling are integral elements that help the audience to experience these treasures of wisdom. Featuring stories from ancient Greece’s Aesop’s Fables as well as folklore and mythology from Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and Native American peoples.

Program is free and registration is required.

Children under 12 who cannot be vaccinated may attend screenings accompanied by a fully-vaccinated adult and must wear a mask.