Gold Needles: Embroidery Arts from Korea—Lecture and Virtual Tour with Curator Sooa Im McCormick

Co-organized by the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Seoul Museum of Craft Art, Gold Needles: Embroidery Arts from Korea celebrates anonymous women artists and their inventive creations that triumphed over the conventions of the patriarchal Joseon society.

Through stunning examples of embroidery and patchwork—including an embroidered folding screen with Ten Longevity Symbols on loan from the DIA—this exhibition explores Korean embroidered works of art as tools of empowerment to overcome social and cultural constraints.

Join CMA Curator Sooa Im McCormick on a virtual tour and insider's view of this pathbreaking exhibition to learn more about the contributions of women artists in Joseon Korea.

Sooa Im McCormick is Curator of Korean Art at the Cleveland Museum of Art. McCormick holds a PhD from the University of Kansas and Master’s degree from the Rutgers University. Recently, she curated the exhibition Gold Needles: Embroidery Arts from Korea. Her previous exhibitions include Chaekgeori: Pleasure of Possessions in Korean Painted Screens (2017) and Arts of Festivity (2016). While pursuing her curatorial career, McCormick remains active as a researcher. Her recent publications include “The Politics of Frugality: Environmental Crisis and Eighteenth-Century Korean Visual Culture,” Korea at Nature’s Edge (Cornell University Press, 2021).


This program is sponsored by the DIA's Friends of Asian Arts and Cultures.


Image: Korean, Embroidered Screen with Design of Longevity Symbols, 18th Century, Silk embroidery on silk. Detroit Institute of Arts, 1985.14.