Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters

(USA/2012—directed by Ben Shapiro)

A photographer with the eye of a filmmaker, Gregory Crewdson has created some of the most haunting images in the history of the medium. His meticulously composed works are stunning narratives of small-town American life— moviescapes crystallized into a single frame. While the photographs are staged with crews that rival the size and budget of many feature film productions, Crewdson takes inspiration as much from his own dreams and fantasies as from the worlds of Edward Hopper and Diane Arbus.

The special exhibit Making Home: Contemporary Works from the DIA (through June 6, 2018) presents a range of works from the DIA’s collec­tions that are concerned with representations of home. Works in a variety of media both affirm symbols of domestic space and question popular ideas of home as a source of comfort, belonging and permanency.

Making Home On Film will present a series, both fictional and documentary, that explores diverse examples of the places we call home.

Free with museum admission.

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