Hello, Bookstore

(USA/2021—directed by A.B. Zax) 

In the shadow of the pandemic, a small town rallies to protect a beloved local bookstore in its hour of need. A landmark in Lenox, Massachusetts since 1976, The Bookstore is a magical, beatnik gem thanks to its owner, Matt Tannenbaum, whose passion for stories runs deep. Charming and eccentric, Matt is surrounded by great literature, friendly neighbors and tree-lined streets, in a town where time stood still.

Presiding at The Bookstore for over forty years, Matt is a true bard of the Berkshires and his shop is the kind of place to get lost in—a tiny sliver of paradise, a Brigadoon where one discovers great words and ideas merely by browsing. This intimate portrait of one example of a tragically endangered species—the independent book shop and the family at its heart— provides a journey through good times, challenges, problem-solving and, best of all, the indispensable stories on the shelves. Hello, Bookstore is a valentine to human creativity, of both the literary and entrepreneurial kind. (86 minutes)

“Compelling and heartwarming. A drama worthy of Hollywood magic.” –Thomas Farragher, The Boston Globe