I Wan Jan Glove Puppet Theater

The I Wan Jan began performing in 1931, using ornate glove puppets and live musicians to capture the fantasies of Beijing opera and traditional Chinese folk tales. On their visit to the DIA they will present A Chance Encounter Leads to Marriage, an opera classic about how good deeds by two young people are rewarded, and Journey to the West, a centuries-old folk tale about the immortals who braved fantastic adventures to bring Buddhist prayers from India to China.

The I Wan Jan Puppet Theater will also be presenting a puppet workshop on Friday, July 19th. Learn more >


“Fantastic and amazing! The whole show is played in silence as audiences are brought into the hand puppet wonderful world." -The New York Times.


Recommended for ages 8 and up. Presented in partnership with the Michigan Taiwanese American organization.



Arts of Asia: A Year-Long Celebration is presented alongside the November 4, 2018 opening of the DIA’s new Robert and Katherine Jacobs Asian Wing.

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