Jay Myself

(USA/2018—directed by Stephen Wilkes)  

In 2015, renowned photographer Jay Maisel sold his home. While that may not sound like an uncommon occurrence, the place where Jay lived and worked for forty-eight years was anything but ordinary.

In 1967 he made a down payment on the Germania Bank Building, a 100-year-old, dilapidated, 35,000 square-foot landmark on the Bowery in lower Manhattan. “The Bank” (as it was known) became Jay’s studio and a home for himself, his wife and daughter; over a half-century, it also became a six-story museum for his art as well as for countless objects that inspired him.

Maintenance costs finally forced him to move, but with humor and awe, documentarian Stephen Wilkes recorded the process of evaluating and moving a lifetime of “things kept,” allowing viewers to ponder the meaning of what it is to create, to possess, and to change. (79 min.) 

“Energetic and bracing… a fun journey! Maisel is a hoarder of genius.” -Glenn Kenny, The New York Times 



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