Loving Vincent

(Poland/UK/2017—directed by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman)

This unique and enormously ambitious dramatization of a decade in the life of Vincent van Gogh is based partly on familiar facts and partly on speculation, but what sets the movie apart is its visual texture; Loving Vincent, while performed by flesh-and-blood actors, is finally and entirely rendered on screen as a living painting in Vincent’s style. The movie’s 65,000 frames have each been hand-painted in oils to simulate van Gogh’s world; scenes featuring familiar characters (i.e. Postman Roulin and Dr. Gachet) come to life in settings seen in dozens of van Gogh works, while the filmmakers take the bold step of extending those settings beyond the artist’s existing canvases. Despite inevitable controversy surrounding the film’s very concept, Loving Vincent is something to see. Annecy Animation Festival, Audience Award. (95 min.)

Loving Vincent is the culmination of years of dedication. We applaud Kobiela and Welchman’s cinematic masterpiece, the first ever fully oil-painted feature film.” -Axel Rüger, Director, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

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