Macbeth: The Stratford Festival Production

Captured live on stage at the Stratford Festival’s Festival Theatre on September 27, 2016, director Antoni Cimolino’s acclaimed production of Macbeth takes us to the stark landscape of 11th century Scotland, where a young couple (Ian Lake and Krystin Pellerin) gradually destroy themselves, each for the sake of the other, perverted by the promise of power. Praised as “a brilliant, terrifying show that leaves audiences gasping in the dark” (Chicago Tribune), the production was captured by 10 cameras and 128 audio tracks to create a sensational, high-definition, thrillingly immersive experience for moviegoers; the army of cameras brings audiences even closer than the intimate Stratford’s intimate Festival Theatre allows. (150 min. including intermission)

“With Lake’s galvanizing performance as an unusually young and sexually magnetic Macbeth, Shakespeare illustrates how ephemeral and illusory power can be.” –Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

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