Mike Wallace is Here

(USA/2019—directed by Avi Belkin) 

In a career that lasted more than half a century, Mike Wallace evolved from commercial pitchman to all-around “personality” on variety shows, eventually hitting his stride as a hugely influential —and widely feared—investigative journalist for the CBS juggernaut 60 Minutes. Is his revealing new movie, Israeli documentarian Avi Belkin examines Wallace’s life and career exclusively through the use of archival and broadcast footage, as Wallace does battle with powerful politicians and corporations, as well as his own demons, including a well-known ego and his less visible self-doubt.

Far more than a mere tribute to a bygone era of trusted news reporting, Mike Wallace Is Here provides a surprisingly personal interrogation of the interrogator, while mapping out the boundaries between journalism, entertainment, and politics that have continued to blur. (94 min.) 

“A propulsive and brilliantly assembled new documentary… Sharp, shrewd and mercilessly entertaining.” –David Ehrlich, IndieWire 



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