Miss Kiet's Children

(Netherlands/2016—directed by Petra Lasater-Czisch and Peter Lasater)

In the Dutch countryside, a gaggle of refugee children, mostly from Syria, are students in Miss Kiet’s classroom. Smart and compassionate, Miss Kiet is keenly aware of the problems her students have lived through. She teaches them to speak Dutch – to talk the talk – but also to walk the walk. By the end of this luminous new documentary, an affectionate community has grown—the fruit of a teacher's patience and dedication. A film of many touching moments, some of them hilarious, Miss Kiet’s Children eloquently chronicles changes that are small yet at the same time immense. Best Documentary Feature, 2017 Dutch Academy Awards. In Dutch and Arabic with English subtitles. (114 min.)

“Entirely engrossing, tender and shrewdly observed. A lovely film.” –Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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