Monrovia, Indiana

(USA/2018—directed by Frederick Wiseman) 

Update: a live Skype Q&A with director Frederick Wiseman will follow the Sunday, 2:00 PM performance of Monrovia, Indiana.

Showing no signs of slowing down at age 88, the great documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman follows his 2017 Honorary Oscar® for lifetime achievement with one of the most quietly powerful – and possibly controversial – works in his half-century of filmmaking.

Known for burrowing beneath the surface to discover the deep complexities and contradictions in institutions such as the juvenile court system and places as dense and diverse as Jackson Heights, Wiseman has now chosen to turn his eye to an American town with a population under 2,000. What he finds there, as well as what he doesn’t find, may make this relatively brief (for Wiseman) new movie the most argued-about – and essential – doc of 2018. Presented in partnership with the Freep Film Festival. (143 mins.) 

“One of today’s greatest living documentary filmmakers, trying to encompass all of human experience in his films.” -Philippe Pilard, La Sept/Arte 


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