Music Performance: Neo Japanesque

Neo Japanesque is a Nagoya, Japan-based band who performs across Japan, Asia and the U.S. The five-member band includes Japanese traditional instruments such as the taiko (drum), shakuhachi (bamboo vertical flute) and shinobu (bamboo flute), and western instruments such as the bass guitar and keyboard. They play a wide range of music from their own original songs to well-known scores of Japanese and Western-fused music. Their performances evoke the feeling of Japanese scenery and culture and their fusion melodies bridge not only Japan and Detroit, but history with today.  

Neo Japanesque are the featured performers during the Japanese Girls’ Day festivities happening at the DIA on Saturday, March 2nd and Sunday March 3rd. 



These events are part of Arts of Asia: A Year-Long Celebration of the DIA’s newly opened Robert & Katherine Jacobs Asian Wing. 

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