My Brother's Wedding

(USA/1983/—directed by Charles Burnett)

The second film from pioneering African American director Charles Burnett (Killer of Sheep) was rushed to semi-completion to meet a film festival deadline in 1983, resulting in an imperfectly structured movie that never received theatrical distribution.

Happily, in 2007, Burnett received the funding to assemble a leaner, stronger and far more engaging version of My Brother’s Wedding, finally re-edited to reflect the director’s original vision.

The resulting movie - a funny, heartbreaking and honest family drama - proves to be a richly textured character study in Burnett’s preferred form; a portrait of a young L.A. man whose family obligations come into conflict with his still-forming plans for his own future. Also: rare short films by Charles Burnett. (approx. 100 min. total)

“An 83-minute feature of astonishing richness and density… So firmly rooted in a specific time and place that it seems to contain worlds.”  -A.O. Scott, The New York Times

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