Nights of Cabiria (restored)

(Italy/1957—directed by Federico Fellini)

A sex worker, Cabiria (Giulietta Masina), a seemingly tough cookie, is hypnotized at a tenth-rate variety show by a third-rate magician, and what pours out are the innocent dreams of adolescence. Fellini’s showcase for Masina is structured as a series of memorable episodes: robbed of her purse and dumped into the river by her pimp boyfriend, she responds with suitably earthy scorn. A famous movie star (Italian screen heartthrob Amedeo Nazzari) picks her up in a nightclub and whisks her away to his luxurious villa. She encounters a man with a sack, who delivers food and supplies to destitute Romans; a tear-drenched pilgrimage to a religious shrine with the “undesirables” that make up her world.

Eventually, after a devastating, final disillusionment, a remarkable resurgence blossoms from Masina into what may be the most mysteriously magical shot in all of Fellini’s work. A new 4K restoration featuring one of the great scores by Nino Rota. In Italian with new, updated English subtitles. (117 minutes)




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