NOIR CITY: Detroit with Eddie Muller

The opening night of this year’s annual three-day NOIR CITY: Detroit film festival will take place at the DFT, with Film Noir Foundation president and TCM Noir Alley host Eddie Muller on hand to introduce a knockout double feature of film noir classics.

First up is Samuel Fuller’s brilliant Pickup on South Street (1953, 80 min.), starring Richard Widmark as a NYC pickpocket who finds Communist agents – and the FBI – on his tail after unwittingly lifting stolen microfilm from subway rider Jean Peters. After a brief intermission, Eddie will introduce William Dieterle’s rarely-seen The Turning Point (1952, 85 min.), in which newly-appointed crime commissioner Edmond O’Brien pledges to crack down on corruption but discovers that graft and greed are more deeply rooted and insidious than he ever suspected.

Come as early as 6:00 PM for cocktails with Eddie Muller in the DFT’s Crystal Gallery! Presented in collaboration with the Film Noir Foundation and the Redford Theatre, where NOIR CITY: Detroit continues Saturday and Sunday with six more noir films.



The Detroit Film Theatre is generously supported by Buddy's Pizza and your tri-county millage investment in the DIA.

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