Rochester Mural Unveiling

The latest Partners in Public Art project will be unveiled in Rochester on Wednesday, October 27 from 4-5 p.m. The mural was created in partnership with the community to represent the city of Rochester and its values. It was painted by Jake Dwyer, a Metro Detroit artist. 

In a statement, Dwyer said: This design features three native species of animals and plants which can be observed in Rochester, MI. The monarch butterfly and common milkweed reflect the city's direct efforts to increase the presence of pollinators. In the center of the composition are three rainbow trout, which are unique to the Rochester area of the Clinton River Watershed. They connect the natural ecosystem to the human recreation in the area. The right side of the composition features a great blue heron, which can be found East of Rochester Rd, on the Northside of the Clinton River in a heron rookery. These representations cover a broad spectrum of natural history that is specific to the city of Rochester and how the people there interact with their environment. Formally, the design is held together using dynamic symmetry, flowing abstraction, and a triad color scheme.