(Argentina/Brazil/2018—directed by Benjamin Naishtat) 

In mid-’70s Argentina, Claudio (Darío Grandinetti) is a well-heeled, cool-headed lawyer living with his wife and teenage daughter in a comfortable provincial suburb. But after an innocuous dinner date is interrupted by a startling altercation with a newly arrived stranger, Claudio’s apparently placid lifestyle is disrupted, and fault lines appear in the frictionless surface of his professional and domestic existence.

When the stranger vows vengeance, the indignant Claudio embarks on a path of no return, turning a simmering, paranoid thriller into a fractured, political film noir, where government calculations, economic stratagems, and tenuous social mores make solutions ever more elusive – and ominously relevant. Awards for Best Director, Actor, and Cinematography, San Sebastián Film Festival. In Spanish with English subtitles. (109 min.) 

“Superbly sinister and stylish. A witheringly provocative examination of temporary moral eclipse becoming permanent moral apocalypse.” –Jessica Kiang, Variety 



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