Salvador Dalí on Screen: Spellbound

(USA/1945—directed by Alfred Hitchcock) 

Ingrid Bergman is a psychiatrist attempting to recover the memory of an amnesiac patient (Gregory Peck) accused of murder in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1945 Spellbound.  Yet another riveting example of Hitchcock’s fascination with using the constantly evolving technology of cinema to express the psychological and emotional states of his characters.

In Spellbound, Hitch’s trademark visual experimentation takes many forms, most memorably in a remarkable dream sequence designed for Hitchcock by surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. These special screenings of Hitchcock’s suspense classic are presented in conjunction with the DIA’s exhibition, Guests of Honor: Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dalí, on view at the DIA through September 27th. (111 min.)



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