Say Amen, Somebody!

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(USA/1982—directed by George T. Nierenberg) 

Say Amen Somebody! was universally hailed as a masterpiece of documentary filmmaking upon its release in 1982, yet this now-legendary, joyous and continually thrilling portrait of the lives and music of the pioneers of modern Gospel music has been unavailable to theaters for many years.

This long overdue restoration was lovingly supervised by director George Nirenberg; featuring the words and riveting music of Willie Mae Ford Smith, The Barrett Sisters, The O’Neal Twins, Zella Jackson Price and more, the film’s heart and soul belongs to the late, brilliantly gifted Thomas A. Dorsey, who recounts his amazing life on camera, and performs an unforgettable rendition of his Gospel classic, Take My Hand, Precious Lord. (100 min.) 

“Terrific… a great experience! The music is as exciting and uplifting as any I’ve ever heard on film.” –Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times  



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