ScreenPLAY! | Free Family Fun

Looking for a live performance that isn't your typical screen time? Join us during the winter break for, ScreenPlay, a non-stop, interactive program that lets your whole family become part of the story over ZOOM. Through movement, puppetry, theater, and the irresistible power of being ridiculous you’ll be running around your living room chasing a magical butterfly or trying to escape a thundering herd of imaginary yeti. So, clear some space at home, jump into your ZOOM square, and get ready for imagined adventures! 

All episodes are 30-40 minutes long and each day features a new adventure: 

  • Dec 27:  How to Charm a Sea Monster 
  • Dec 28:  Look Up:  A Hot Air Balloon Adventure  
  • Dec 29:  What We Found in the Forest 
  • Dec 30:  Race Through the Snow 
  • Dec 31:  Journey into Space  

How to Experience ScreenPLAY!   

  1. Register for ScreenPLAY! (any date) by clicking here >
  2. Get your family together—kids, grown-ups, teens, elders, pets. Anyone who wants to PLAY!
  3. Find an open space or clear a room so you can move around without tripping or bumping into anything.  
  4. Click the top-secret ZOOM link in your email to join the adventure.

*Note: ScreenPLAY uses ZOOM gallery view and works best on a laptop or computer. 


Each episode is limited to 50 families. Registration is required and ends 90 minutes prior to show start. 


Image: photo by Rex Milstein, age 9