The Square

(Sweden/2017—directed by Ruben Östlund)

Christian (Claes Bang), the director of a renowned contemporary art museum, is persuaded by his marketing staff that the institution would benefit from a form of bold performance art that could become a phenomenon on social media. He settles on an installation meant to promote “responsible behavior” - a symbolic space where good things will happen if visitors abide by the Golden Rule. But when Christian’s phone is brazenly (and ingeniously) stolen in that very space, events take an alarming new direction, accelerated by Christian’s dalliance with a reporter (Elizabeth Moss) whose behavior redefines “inappropriate.” Winner of the Palme d’or (Grand Prize) at Cannes, this disquieting new satire from the director of Force Majeure is unpredictable and outrageous – with a centerpiece dinner sequence destined to make movie history. In English, Swedish and Danish, with English subtitles. (142 min.)

“High-wire cinema, thrillingly weird and daringly surreal. It sets out to make your jaw drop – and it succeeds.” -Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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