Stratford Festival on Film: Coriolanus

(Canada/2018—directed for the screen by Barry Avrich) 

The last play that Shakespeare is known to have written solo, this is the tale of a fearless military leader, Caius Martius, who’s unpopular with Rome’s common people because they equate him with the elite whom they believe are responsible for the current food shortage; Martius despises the masses in return, calling them “the beast with many heads.”

For his heroism in defeating enemies of Rome and capturing the city of Corioles, Martius is honored with the name of Coriolanus, and is prevailed upon to run for Rome’s highest public office. But Coriolanus is no politician – and he soon faces unexpected enemies who fan the flames of populism against him with catastrophic results. Filmed before a live audience at Stratford’s Avon Theater. (163 min.) 

“A riveting Stratford production! Coriolanus is eternally timely in its depiction of the dangers democracy faces at its extremes.” – Jesse Green, The New York Times  



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