(Germany/Austria/2018—directed by Wolfgang Fischer) 

Rike (Susanne Wolff), a physician and first responder in contemporary Cologne, Germany, proves to also be an accomplished sailor as she embarks alone in a 40-foot yacht, prepared to cross 3,000 miles of open Atlantic on a visit to Ascension Island. But after coming through an unexpectedly powerful storm, Rike wakes up to a crisis of a material and moral scale she could never have imagined – one that will test her will, her ingenuity, and above all, the fabric of her humanity.

Susanne Wolff’s deeply intelligent, razor-sharp performance combines with Fischer’s powerfully kinetic storytelling to create one of the year’s most important and unforgettable screen experiences. In English and German with English subtitles. (94 min.) 


“Thrilling, crisp and absorbing, with a topical dimension that proves even more gripping than its brilliantly achieved visceral action.”    -Jessica Kiang, Variety



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