Tea-Time Theatre: Eleanor’s Secret

(France/2009 - directed by Dominique Monféry)

Eleanor’s Secret is a beautifully designed, rollicking adventure in which a boy’s newfound ability to read not only sets his imagination free, but saves the day! When Nat’s eccentric Aunt Eleanor gifts him the key to her library, he discovers that the library is magical – the books are all original first editions of history’s most popular fairy tales, and the famous characters have come to life!

After his parent’s sell the books, Nat, with the help of Alice in Wonderland, the Ogre, Peter Pan and others, he must find a way to get them back and learn to read an ancient spell to keep the characters alive for future generations of children.  (80 min) 

To celebrate the holidays the DFT Family series will host afternoon teas in the Great Hall. Young guests will be treated to light entertainment, a party hat, complimentary “tea” and cookie. Tea-time will begin at noon, and followed at 2 p.m. with free screenings of animated features in the historic DIA Auditorium. All films will be shown in English language versions.



The Detroit Film Theatre is generously supported by Buddy's Pizza and your tri-county millage investment in the DIA.

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