Tea-Time Theatre: Ernest and Celestine

(France, Belgium, Luxembourg/2012)

Based on the classic Belgian book series by Gabrielle Vincent, Ernest & Celestine tells of an unlikely friendship between two society outcasts - Celestine, an artist and dreamer with no interest in her fellow mice’s rules and occupations, and Ernest, a troubadour living on the fringes of his bear society.

Like a gorgeous watercolor painting brought to life, a constantly shifting pastel color palette bursts and drips across the screen, while wonderful storytelling and brilliant comic timing draw up influences as varied as Buster Keaton, Bugs Bunny and the outlaw romanticism of Bonnie and Clyde. Bringing it all together is the on-screen chemistry between the two lead characters – a flowing, tender and playful rapport that will put a smile on your face and make your heart grow. (80 min.) 

To celebrate the holidays the DFT Animation Club will host elegantly silly afternoon teas in the Crystal Gallery Café. Guests will be treated to light entertainment, their choice of party hats, complimentary “tea” and a wide variety of desserts and beverages available for purchase. Tea service will begin at 1 p.m., and be followed at 2 p.m. with free screenings of animated features in the historic DIA Auditorium. All films will be shown in English language versions. For children 4-12 years of age. 


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